Limited Liability Company “RIBA KIT” (hereinafter referred to as the “Contractor”), guided by the provisions of Art. 633 of the Civil Code of Ukraine, undertakes the obligation to provide the following services to everyone who contacts him, if possible.

The Contractor, on the one hand, and any other person who has accepted (accepted) the terms of this Agreement (hereinafter referred to as the “Customer”), on the other hand, hereinafter referred to as the Parties, have concluded this Agreement as follows:


1.1. The Contractor undertakes to provide consulting services to the Customer on business development using digital marketing technologies, and the Customer undertakes to accept and pay for these services, as well as take all actions required to provide the services.

1.2. The Agreement is valid for any of the services posted on the Contractor’s website, as well as determined and paid for by the Customer in accordance with the terms of this Agreement (hereinafter referred to as the Work).

1.3. The content, volume, and timing of the work are determined by the conditions of the specific Work. The period for completing the work can be changed by the Contractor unilaterally without changing the scope of work with mandatory notification to the Customer by posting this information in the Customer’s personal account.

1.4. Access to the materials constituting the content of the Work is provided to the Customer who has registered on the Contractor’s website using registration data. Registration is carried out through the “Login” button on the Contractor’s website 1.5. The relations of the Parties within the framework of the provision of services are governed by this Agreement.


2.1. Rights and obligations of the Customer:

2.1.1. The Customer is obliged to pay for the Contractor’s services in the amount and terms provided for in the Agreement.

2.1.2. The Customer has the right to receive information regarding the execution of the Work, as well as information on any issues related to the organization of the execution of the Work.

2.2. Rights and obligations of the Contractor:

2.2.1. If the Customer fulfills the terms of the contract, the Contractor is obliged to perform the Customer’s Work in the prescribed manner.

2.2.2. The Contractor organizes the process of performing the Work in accordance with the characteristics described in the Customer’s personal account.

2.2.3. The Contractor has the right to make changes to the name and scope of the Work due to objective necessity (in order to increase the efficiency of the work performed).

2.2.4. The Contractor has the right, as part of the fulfillment of its obligations under the Agreement, to provide the Customer with any additional services at its discretion and with the consent of the Customer, without charging a separate fee.


3.1. The cost of services depends on the cost of each specific Work. The Contractor has the right to change the cost of the Work at any time; new prices are considered valid from the date of publication on the Contractor’s website. Information about the current cost is indicated on the page of the relevant Work. In this case, the cost of the Work already paid by the Customer does not change and cannot be recalculated either upward or downward. The Contractor has the right to provide a discount on the cost of the Work. The final cost of the Work is determined in the Contractor's invoice.

3.2. The Customer has the right to pay the cost of services for the Work in the form of a 100% prepayment before the completion of the relevant Work;

3.3. The Contractor has the right to request confirmation of payment by sending a copy of the payment document to the email address

3.4. The Customer understands and agrees that, if from the moment of receipt of the invoice for payment until the Customer actually pays for the services, the cost of the relevant Work was increased by the Contractor and published on the Contractor’s Website, then the Customer undertakes to pay the new cost of the Work based on the newly issued invoice by the Contractor in the manner provided for in this Agreement, or refuse to perform it.

3.5. The customer makes payments in the national currency of the country of which he is a resident or the country in which he is located.

3.6. If the Customer refuses to perform the Work after starting to use the service, the deposited amount will not be returned.


4.1. The work is carried out using the Contractor's software and the use of network resources. The Contractor creates a personal account on its website for the Customer to access network information resources and provides authentication data (login and password) for the duration of the Work. Authentication data is sent by the Contractor to the Customer’s email address specified during registration. The Customer undertakes not to provide his authentication data to third parties for their access to the content of the Work.


5.1. The agreement is valid from the date of its conclusion by the Parties until the parties fulfill the terms of the agreement.

5.2. The Agreement may be terminated at any time by agreement of all Parties.

5.3. The Customer has the right to terminate the Agreement at any time.


6.1. The Parties agreed that, unless otherwise expressly provided for by the legislation of Ukraine or the Agreement, any messages, notifications and documents in the form of clearly readable scanned or photocopies sent by the Parties exclusively from the Contractor’s email addresses from the domain, and the Customer – from the email address specified upon registration, have the legal force of the corresponding documents on paper and create for the Parties all the rights and obligations provided for in the Agreement.

6.2. The Customer guarantees the functionality of the email addresses specified during registration and independently bears the risks associated with non-reception, untimely receipt or sending of messages, familiarization with their contents due to any technical malfunctions in the operation of email, lack of access to it for any reason, including lack of access to the Internet, the results of special sorting of messages, in particular, messages ending up in the “Spam” folder or similar.

6.3. All disputes under the Agreement must be resolved in compliance with the preliminary claims procedure. A claim in writing, signed by an authorized person, must be delivered against receipt or sent by registered mail with an inventory and return receipt requested to the Contractor's address specified in Section 7 of the Agreement (in relation to the Contractor) or to the Customer's email address specified by him when registration (in relation to the Customer). The party receiving the claim must provide a written response on the merits of the claims stated in the claim no later than 10 (ten) business days from the date of receipt of the claim. Leaving a claim unanswered if there is confirmation of receipt of the claim by the Party means unconditional recognition of the claims stated in the claim.

6.4. All disputes arising from the Agreement are resolved on the basis of the legislation of Ukraine. All disputes and disagreements between the Customer and the Contractor that are not resolved pre-trial are referred to the court.

6.5. The text of this Agreement may be unilaterally changed by the Contractor at any time, while the version posted on the Contractor’s website is considered current. The terms of the Agreement remain unchanged for the person who accepted the Agreement until its expiration.

6.6. By agreeing to the terms of this Agreement, the Customer gives his consent to the processing of personal data in the manner prescribed by the Regulations on the Protection of Personal Data of RIBA KIT LLC.


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