Conveniently plan jobs and control their execution

The specialist will plan the works, determine their scope and deadline. You can see all works in your office.


Planning the calendar of the robot specialist on the project

Based on your description of the task, the specialist draws up a work plan for the project. Determines their volume and terms.


Observe the history of work on each task

In the office, you will see the history of work on each task and discuss its implementation with a specialist.


History of all robots in one report

Conveniently see the general report on the specialist's work.

Other features of the platform

Selection of the most suitable specialist for the needs of your business
Fill out the form and the platform will automatically determine the specialist most suitable for the tasks of your business.
Communicate with the specialist as it is convenient for you
Write comments on tasks, attach materials, schedule calls, receive messages in a channel convenient for you.
Monitor key indicators that are clear to you
Give the platform access to the necessary resources and observe the change in indicators in your personal account

"For two months, we were looking for specialists according to the specifics of our tasks. On the JustWork platform, we were able to find and start working the next day"

Evgeny Kozlov
Founder @

Get started right now

Fill in your company information and the platform will assign you the best specialist
✓ Start of work the next day
✓  The warranty period is up to 14 days