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The platform is created so that you can work with clients comfortably.
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Focus only on your work and forget about administrative processes
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Report your time and get paid

You report the hours spent on the project for each task and the platform charges you according to your tariff.

Don't self-sell

The platform automatically assigns the most suitable specialist to the project. You only need to fill out the portfolio and work on the projects after your appointment and payment by the client.
A specialist has been appointed

Communicate with customers at your convenience

You yourself choose a convenient time for you to communicate. The client books a call with you at least a day in advance.

Everything is organized conveniently and clearly for everyone

You only need to create a plan and record all stages of the work process. The client will see everything in the office without unnecessary communication.

Work without financial risks

A new client after the start of cooperation has a guarantee period that is valid up to 14 days from the start of cooperation, or 48 hours after the completion of 3 hours of work by a specialist.
During the warranty period, the client has the right to refuse cooperation and return the money. Therefore, during this period, funds for the specialist's work are kept "frozen" by the platform.
After the warranty period ends, the specialist is immediately charged for the work performed during the warranty period.
After the guarantee period, the specialist is billed immediately after each reporting of hours spent.

Requirements for specialists

You can work with clients on the Justwork platform if you meet these requirements

Qualification level

The level must be Middle or Senior.

Availability of a portfolio

You can provide case studies from your experience.

Availability of certificates

You have the necessary certifications for the relevant role.

Roles of specialists

You can take on projects in one or several roles
Google Ads
The professional should have experience with search, display, video and commerce campaigns. Have certificates: Google Analytics, Google Shopping, Google Ads.
Meta Ads
The specialist should have experience with targeted advertising on Facebook, Instagram and partner platforms. Have certificates: Meta Ads and Google Analytics.
Search engine optimization
The specialist should have experience in site optimization, analysis of external and internal factors. Work with tools: Google Search Console, Google Tag Manager. Have a Google Analytics certificate.
Email marketer
The specialist should have experience working with various email service provider tools, audience segmentation, and process automation.
Payment of work for a specialist

The same conditions for specialists of all profiles

The cost of a specialist's work is influenced by the level of qualification and the amount of work performed in the last month.

Middle level

3-6 years of experience
up to $12/ hour

Senior level

6+ years of experience
up to $20/ hour
How it works

Process: from registration to the first clients

Registration on the platform

It takes no more than 2 minutes.

Fill in the specialist's profile

List your experience and portfolio.

Schedule a call with a talent manager

During the call, the manager will check the correctness of the filled-in data, explain the plan for the next steps, and answer all questions.

Get projects

You will be assigned projects according to your level and experience.

Get income

Report on the hours of work completed and instantly receive a reward according to your tariff.

Reviews of experts

What experts who have been working with the platform for a long time say
"Completed more than 20 projects. Working on Justwork is more convenient and efficient than working on freelance projects."
Andrew L.
Middle PPC expert, Sensters
"I've been working on the platform for more than a year. I get the projects most relevant to my experience and expertise. It's convenient."
Evhen K.
Middle PPC expert, Promodo
"I am conducting several long-term projects on the Justwork platform. It is convenient and profitable for the client."
Denis M.
Senior SEO expert, EvoPlay
"I am very comfortable working on the platform, communicating with clients and getting paid fairly for my work."
Alex D.
Senior SEO expert, Promodo
"I found several interesting projects with which I hope to cooperate for a long time and effectively."
Андрій К.
Senior SEO expert, Promodo