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Dmytro Semenyuk
Co-Founder & CMO at Boss Auto Ukraine
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increasing the number of new users from the paid channel


increasing the number of leads


decrease in the cost of lead


The car market from the USA has gained popularity among Ukrainian car enthusiasts and buyers in recent years. Due to a number of competitive advantages, such as affordable prices, a wide selection of cars, technical condition and technological equipment, American cars have become an attractive alternative on the Ukrainian car market.

That is why the number of competitors in the auction is impressive.

The goals were:

  • to occupy the largest % of paid search results;
  • to increase the amount of traffic, while reducing the cost per lead;
  • to increase the number of leads.


In the past, the client had a negative experience with promotion, but approached each task very carefully. Thanks to the task setting service from JustWork, it was possible to plan current tasks as transparently as possible.

In order to increase the % of search output - we segmented the search queries with different frequency of queries as finely as possible in order to cover as many search queries as possible.

They also worked on separation by geo.

Auction statistics in search results, source: google ads

To increase the number of new users, we decided to attract media and video advertising.

Audience segmentation made it possible not only to attract a certain number of new users, but also to make a profit from it.

The dynamics of the growth of the number of users. Source: Google Analytics


Thanks to the mentioned steps, we achieved certain results in terms of the effectiveness of Internet advertising. Due to constant work on optimization and scaling - increased the number of leads by 4.6 times.

The dynamics of the increase in the number of conversions. Source: Google Ads
The executor of the project
Andrew L.
Middle expert · 5 years of experience
"Thank you Andriy for the work and service for Justwork for this opportunity. We plan to expand cooperation on other projects as well"
Dmytro Semenyuk
Co-Founder & CMO at Boss Auto Ukraine

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