Triple revenue and ROAS, and off-season advertising

Yaroslav Stepanets
Founder, CEO
Google ads is an online store for garden and home products.
The environmentally friendly brand LETO (Land Energy Transformation Opening) is an innovative product that has been developing the culture of human interaction with nature in Ukraine for more than 10 years.
Online store • Garden, vegetable garden, pet products


increase in income from online sales

+1 126%

ROAS increase


increasing the number of transactions


The agricultural market in Ukraine is rapidly growing and competitive.

The goals were:

  • obtaining new customers and increasing the LTV of existing ones;
  • increase in income and the number of conversions, occupy a percentage of the market;
  • active promotion in the off-season.


After studying the business niche and analyzing competitors. A decision was made to segment goods according to profitability. Due to this, they were able to keep ROAS at the highest level.

The entire assortment of the online store was also analyzed, and certain categories of goods advertised out of season were selected.

Analysts approached the transition to 4 in advance, and received historical data in advance. Additionally, advanced e-commerce has been set up.


Thanks to the mentioned steps, we achieved not only certain results in terms of the effectiveness of Internet advertising, but also proved that seasonal business has a way to promote off-season.

The executor of the project
Andrew L.
Middle expert · 5 years of experience
"I want to thank Andrii for the long-term and effective work with Google Ads for our site."
Yaroslav Stepanets
Founder, CEO

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