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Become a partner.
Offer Justwork.
Earn money

Your clients will receive a discount, and you will receive an affiliate commission from Justwork.
You see your customers in the account;
Get 10% commission from your clients' transactions;
Get paid instantly.

How to become our partner

A few simple steps.

Create an account

Enter your name and email address. mail

Get verified

Confirm compliance with partner criteria.
Partner status can be obtained if you are able to recommend Justwork to potential customers on a systematic basis. For example, if you work with small and medium-sized businesses in other areas.

Get a promo code

A personal code will be created for you, which you can provide to your customers.

Recommend Justwork

Give your customers a promo code that gives them a 10% discount.

Get affiliate rewards

You get 10% of every transaction from customers who use your promo code.
If the client makes the first payment on the Justwork platform, there is a guarantee period of up to 14 days. The reward to the partner is accrued after this period.

Why Justwork is worth your recommendation

Because working with Justwork is more convenient and profitable

300+ specialists

All specialists have experience, the appropriate level of qualification and certificates.

The warranty period is up to 14 days

The platform allows the client not to risk money.

Start of work the next day

The client only needs to fill in information about the project and choose a tariff.


Work management becomes convenient and understandable.

The most frequent questions

We answer the questions that we are asked most often
Anyone can become a partner?
So. But on the condition that you can systematically recommend Justwork to potential customers.
How do I prove that I can become a partner?
If there is public information about your work with potential clients for Justwork. Or if you have media resources where you can systematically recommend Justwork (for example, your social networks). Or if you have already brought several clients to the Justwork platform.
How quickly can I become a partner?
If we verify your compliance with the partner criteria, this happens immediately. If the verification failed, you will have to wait until several customers come from you.
Can there be another commission individually?
Unfortunately no. All mechanisms are sewn into the platform and are not manually operated.

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